About the Journal

The idea for an international journal was mooted at the first meeting of the international scholars who met in Crete, Greece, at the 2001 conference of the International Society for Banking & Finance (ISBF). It was felt then that there was room for an internationally-focused banking and finance journal to meet the growing demand for publications of scholarly studies coming from across the world rather than from only major centres. The International Journal of Banking and Finance (IJBF) was then founded in 2001 with its inaugural issue appearing in 2003.


Aims and Scope

Areas of interest for this journal include, but are not limited to, the following topics: behavioural economics, corporate finance, financial institutions and markets, financial services, insurance, international economics and trade, international finance, macroeconomics, monetary policy, financial economics, portfolio and security analysis, real estate, ethical finance, money and banking and accounting and financial reporting.

International Journal of Banking and Finance (IJBF) is an open access journal. IJBF is publication fully funded by Universiti Utara Malaysia.