Efforts and Strategies towards Continuous Optimization across Divisions, Processes, and Business Ecosystem through Digital Transformation at BIT Group Sdn. Bhd.


  • Kamilah Abdul Hamid Othman Yeop Abdullah School of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Malaysia
  • Gunalan Nadarajah Othman Yeop Abdullah School of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia




Information and Communications Technology, Digital Transformation, Continuous Optimization, Processes, People and Business Ecosystem


Technological challenges, slim profit margins and the change of industry landscape due to disruptive inventions will continue to challenge the status quo of traditional ICT industry today. This is especially true for larger and older organizations. Digital business for instance has become the mantra of most top executives of the world as they seek competitive advantages in the landscape of fast moving technological change. As a result, ICT businesses are realizing the significance on how new digital technologies can transform their existing traditional businesses, and driving business growth in order to keep ahead of the competition. Transforming business models from their traditional core business to digital business that is known as “digital transformation†has become crucial. It is not about focusing only on the present business needs, but also directing towards a prioritization for future needs, which boils down to innovative ideas, operational change, and cultural shift. Hence, the objective of this case study is to learn and discuss how a traditional ICT company, BIT Group constructed its digital business transformation through major efforts and strategies that have been undertaken in the context of reliable methodologies, standards and practices references. The transformation exercise implemented is to warrant the business directing towards continuous optimization across the company’s people in various divisions, internal processes, and the business ecosystem, which has been the core elements involved in the delivery of the business services through both competition and cooperation.


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