Most of the manuscripts are submitted at the authors’ initiative but some are solicited by the Editor-in-Chief. The Journal welcomes submissions on all topics concerning legal issues in Malaysia and across the globe. As well as articles on substantive topics, we also welcome review articles and shorter book reviews.  Manuscripts relating to common law, civil law or shariah or Islamic law are also welcome. The manuscripts can be written in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

All submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter and a brief abstract. All necessary contact information should also be included.

Submission of manuscripts will be taken to imply that they contain original unpublished material and are not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. Subject to contrary written agreement with the author, copyright in all material accepted for publication will be assigned to Universiti Utara Malaysia Press.

The UUMJLS seeks submission for publication of papers on areas within the law, or related to the law by synthesis with other recognized and scholarly fields. Examples could be (but not be limited to) Law and Semiotics, Law and Psychology, Law and Medicine, Law and Management, Legal Theory, Jurisprudence, Law and Rhetoric, Law and Ethics, Law and Philosophy, Law and Government, Law and Policy, Law and International Studies.