Manuscript Guideline

Manuscripts should be written as accurately as possible and should be typed in double-spacing on one side of an A4 size paper with margins of at least 25mm. Each manuscript should not exceed 25 pages. Two copies of the paper should be submitted together with a CD containing the file in MSWord compatible to IBM or Macintosh machines. Authors should identify the software in the cover letter when submitting manuscripts.
Since manuscripts are reviewed anonymously, the author’s name and affiliation should be supplied only on a cover sheet and authors should avoid any identifying text references. The title of the manuscript should appear on the cover sheet at the top of the first page. Manuscripts will be reviewed by a panel of referees. Comments will be made available to contributors without disclosing the referees’ names.
Manuscripts should be accompanied by a cover letter stating that the material has not been published, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
The abstract should be brief, self-contained and explicit, and should not exceed 200 words. Contributor who submits a manuscript in Bahasa Melayu is required to submit an extended abstract in English not exceeding 300 words.
References should be carefully checked. The references are to be cited in the text in the author-date format (APA style e.g. Armstrong & Overton, 1977; Salma & Mohd. Makzan,1996). A reference list only of works cited, should be provided at the end of the text arranged in alphabetical order. Examples of the format for journals and books are as follows:
Armstrong, J. S., & Overton, T. S. (1977). Estimating non-response bias in mail surveys. Journal of Marketing                                  Research, 14, 396–402.
Salma Ishak., & Mohd. Makzan Musa. (1996). Attitudes of police personnel towards their job. ANALISIS, 4 (1), 13–31.
Kimberly, J. R., Norling, F., & Weiss, J. A. (1983). Pondering the performance puzzle. In R. H., Hall & R. E., Quinn                         (Eds.), Organizational theory and public policy (249–264). Beverly Hills: Sage.
  Van Horne, J. C. (1992). Financial management and policy. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
Footnotes should not be used. Endnotes should be used instead.
Full names of agencies should be used in the first citation in any article. Accepted abbreviations or acronyms may be used for subsequent citations.
Tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals. Title and column headings should be brief.
Photographs, if any, should be large, clear, glossy prints, showing high-contrast.
Contributors must provide their full names, fax numbers and full addresses. A contributor will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which his/her article appeared and 10 off-prints.