Call for Manuscript

About JLP

Journal on Leadership and Policy (JLP) is a refereed journal published by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad Thoughts Institute. The journal covers all aspects of leadership and policy, its theories and application. The journal is published in Bahasa Melayu and English. It is open to authors around the world. Coverage will include but is not limited to issues surrounding: Leadership Practices, Policy, Institutional Building, Management, Political and Corporate Figures, Skills and Training, Youth and Social Issues.


Manuscript submitted for publication must conform to the following guidelines: 

Cover Letter

The cover letter should simply address the editor noting the title and authors and indicating that the submission is an original manuscript which has not been published or submitted for publication in whole or part to any other publishing source. If data are reported, authors should indicate that the work complied with relevant ethical standards for human subjects’ protections.

Manuscript Specifications

The entire manuscript, including abstract of 150-250 words and key words (not more than five key words). Tables, figures and references, should be within 5000 words and should be typed, 1.5 spaced, on A4 paper in 11 point Times New Roman font. Standard margins (2.54 cm on the top and bottom and 2.54 cm on the left and right), on one side of the paper only, with pages numbered consecutively.

Authors‘ names, affiliations, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone, fax numbers and biographical data of not more than 50 words should be submitted on a separate covering page.

Title: Should be clear and concise; let the reader know what the article is about and include key words that will allow the article to be accessed through a web search.

Abstract : Empirical research abstracts should include:

What the study is about

Why the work is important

A brief method

The main results 

Headings: Headings must be short, with a clear indication of the distinction between the hierarchies of headings. The preferred format is for headings to be presented in bold format, with consecutive numbering.

Tables and Figures: Tables and Figures should be part of the text. All Figures should be submitted in both electronic form and as hard copy originals. Tables should not be submitted as graphic elements. Supply succinct and clear captions for all tables and figures. They should be numbered in Arabic numerals. Figures are diagrams, graphs, charts, or any form of line art, as well as photography or other grayscale images. Figures are acceptable in TIFF, EPS, JPEG, or PDF file formats. Initial submitted figures should be of high enough quality to be read on-screen or in printouts by reviewers. Figures should be numbered and their placement should be listed within the text. Final figures for accepted manuscripts should be sent in camera-ready form.

Acknowledgements:Authors need to include Acknowledgments of people, grants, funds, etc. It should be brief and concise. For example : The authors gratefully acknowledge use of service and facilities of the Human-Centered Computing Research lab at Universiti Utara Malaysia, funded by Prototype Research Grant Scheme, Ministry of Higher Education [grant number and year].

References and Style: The authors are responsible for the accuracy of references. The list of references should include only those that are important to the text and should not be long lists that consume space unnecessarily. References should be the most current available on the topic. It is the responsibility of the author to insure the accuracy of all components of a reference (name(s) of author(s); date of publication; title of work; title of journal, book, or other source; location of publisher; publisher; and relevant pages). All citations in the text must be listed in the references, and all references should be cited in the text. The style and bibliographic references should conform to the conventions specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). References, only of works cited, should be listed in full at the end of the paper arranged alphabetically.

The author is responsible for compliance with the most recent published APA format and for the accuracy of all information, including citations and verification of all references with citations in the text. Spelling must be in American or British English. 

Articles submitted to the Journal on Leadership and Policy should not be under consideration by any other journal, and the letter accompanying the submission of any manuscript should contain clear statement to this effect.

Submitting manuscripts in the correct format and in compliance to the requirements will expedite the review process and prevent undue delay in publication. The publisher reserves the right to reject or return manuscripts which are not prepared according to the stipulated guidelines. Articles in MS Words can be submitted electronically here.